After their HIV positive mother's death, Derick and Margaret collect wood and construct a human-length box with wheels. Then, they journey with it from Kampala to Kasangombe in a heartbreaking bid to overcome poverty and experience hope. The journey throws them dangerous experiences on unpredictable Ugandan roads. Their mother's dying wish had set them off on a seemingly impossible journey to find a relative they do not even know.
Before her death, she leaves them an envelope addressed to her sister (their auntie) who is married to a hard-working man living in a distant village called Kasangombe with their kids. Ingeniously, Derick creates a coffin using wood he collected from a rubbish dump and adds luggage bag rollers brought by Margaret. On their journey from Kampala City to their aunt’s place, they are offered a lift by a seemingly kind man (played by Joel Okuyo Atiku) in a truck who is amazed by their "box".