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  • Battle Of The Souls

    A young reporter (Ryan) seeks to find ways of overcoming his problems at work and at home until one evening when he finds a briefcase filled with money that belongs to the dark world.[....]

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  • A Good Catholic Girl

    Amina loves Brian, but she has to struggle to come out of her religious circles that restrict her from dating people from a different religious affiliation. This angers her father, Mustapha, who is arranging [....]

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  • Journey To Jamaa

    This is a film that chronicles the incredible journey of two real-life orphaned children, Margaret and Derick, who are forced to walk through dangerous and life-threatening situations in [....]

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  • State Research Bureau

    James, Phillip, and his fiancee Faith are fleeing the insurgency in the country when they are intercepted by soldiers and survive their bullets by a whisker. They are then taken to a safe house [....]

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  • I am Slave

    I Am Slave is the story of one woman's life from the time she kidnapped at 12 yrs into modern-day slavery til she manages to get her freedom. Directed by GABRIEL RANGE

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  • iMANI - Behind The Scenes

    In the course of just one day, we venture into the lives of three characters within the diverse landscape of contemporary Uganda. Imani provides a refreshing look at Uganda post Idi Amin, [....]

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  • Hearts In Pieces

    This is a story greed, Love for Power and Love. A trusted royal Guard without royal blood kills the king and attempts to forcefully marry the princess in order to take over the throne.

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  • Lost In Africa

    Lost in Africa can be described as humorous. The plot revolves around fashion, culture clash, and a "fish out of water". Its comic aspect comes from satire and irreverent humor. Lost in Africa's main genres are foreign and comedy. [....]

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