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OKUYO has been a very patriotic and philanthropic person. Since his graduation from university, has worked extremely hard to see that the youth and juvenile get some attention and services for a better of their future.

He argues that today, most parents don’t get time to impact their children, therefore children are raised by schools, peers, television, house helps, and what have you.”It is therefore our duty as people who care about the future of this world to act now and help raise a better generation”. He went ahead with the help of a close friend; Cucu E.Bryan to design a comprehensive program called HISTORYMAKERS. The organization seeks to impact children and youth with the values of culture, humanity basing on Christian values, help them find themselves and create an identity in Jesus Christ and for Jesus Christ, develop and create self worth and self esteem. These have been issues the young generation have been struggling with which made them take on drugs and alcohol abuse, under the nose of their busy parents. The program, we all agree that was a timely intervention and well researched about, it help thousands of youth to focus on their school, take life serious and keep away from drugs , sex and alcohol abuse.

The project focuses on using the talents, interests and hobbies of the clients (The Juvenile & the Youth) Such as music, Dance, Poetry, Crafting, Painting, Graffiti, Music instruments and others to create a rapport and talk about life’s most difficult questions. Over the years the success of the project has glorified the name of Jesus and saved a whole load of young lives, made futures bright.”Helping the youth is not the right thing but the only thing there is to do”.

PRYNCE is an advocate for a green World, he advocates for more trees, and a litter free, clean city for a better tomorrow with reduced effects of environmental degradation. He also very much pushes everybody to give to the needy. In 2010, Prynce together with Hoops for Hope, a sister organization to History Makers collected anything and everything that people could give to the war victims in northern Uganda that have returned home after over 20years of war.”You can’t say you have no money to give, even a candy bar can make that child smile, there is nothing too small to give so just give and the Lord will bless you”. Everything that I have done, I’m doing and will do; the glory is to God almighty.

PRYNCE is a part time lecturer at Uganda Christian University and Makerere University the top two Universities in Uganda.